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Content Driven SEO
Wednesday, March 18, 2015

If you take a look at all the SEO advice that you've seen over the years, you'll notice that it is quite extensive. The reasons why are simple: It is advantageous for attracting website traffic, and it is applicable to every interest. If you pay close attention to all that advice, however, you'll notice that it is not so easy to manage, especially since what you find can be conflicting. Compounding the problem is the industry's changing rules. At any given minute, an acceptable strategy could suddenly become invalid and send webmasters straight into a whirlwind of new demands.

While those circumstances can make SEO seem too difficult to adequately implement, the good news is that there is a much more stable approach that guarantees a real chance at successs. Here's what to avoid and what to-do instead.

Avoid High-Risk Linking

Link building has-been a permanent fixture in SEO since its conception; but buying backlinks and using PBN (Private Blog Networks) are high-risk activities that contribute little to any real, long-term successs. The problem with these types of services is that their inventory lacks integrity. In an attempt to increase their own sales and profits, these services link to unrelated websites (i.e. any website), and they inadvertently decrease the value of each linked site as a result.
Since Google has already declared this type of high-risk linking as a black hat SEO strategy, you'll want avoid trying it. It might provide a quick boost in rankings, but once that boost reaches its peak, it loses its value just as quickly as it attained it.

Attract Traffic with Content Driven SEO

The only strategy that has consistently worked in this field (and continues to work) is content driven SEO. Content driven SEO focuss on content development, and it emphasizes the importance of quality over quantity. The end result not only demonstrates a proven longevity in the form of increased readership; it withstands each and every change that Google enforces as well.
Be aware that this approach requires an adequate amount of time and effort. Content driven SEO is not an instant strategy that blasts itself onto thousands of irrelevant websites. Nor is it a strategy that promises millions of visitors in 24-hours. What it is, instead, is a steady, Google-safe, and sure-fire way to attract natural, organic traffic. As a result, it is impervious to things like lost rankings, penalizations, and sandboxing: all the problems that high-risk linking brings.


Content driven SEO is a welcome and no-fail approach to increasing viewership. If you are new to SEO, or if you haven't encountered an SEO program to your liking, you'll want to give this particular approach serious consideration since it's really the most effective in both the long-term and short-term.

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