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Friday, March 27, 2015

There are a countless number of bloggers who don't know why their sites fail to get a sufficient number of visitors and/or comments. After perusing an equal number of blogs everyday, it's rather easy to see why. This article addresses what your blog needs to gain the popularity you crave.

Provide real, focused meaning.

No matter what the topic is, the blogs that get the most visitors and the most comments are the ones that focus on a single subject. The reason is because they're easily remembered. People will remember a blog that discusses computer motherboards more than they'll remember a blog that discusses computer motherboards, pets, cooking, auto mechanics, and politics. 
And because they'll remember a focused blog more often, they'll come to depend on it as a viable resource for focused material. People want to share their thoughts on a focused subject and learn what others think as well. This sharing and learning is a part of our new 'interactive' networking society, and your blog can be a part of it as long you give it some undivided content.

Provide time.

A blog that's updated once a month or less is sure to fail indeed. Blog visitors prefer to read fresh, new content at least every week. If you can manage to make a new blog post everyday, that's even better (although admittedly, almost impossible). At the very least, dedicate one day to updating your blog every week. You can update your blog on the weekend, on an evening with nothing good on television, or on a day in which the rest of the family attends club meetings, a team sport match, or church.

Provide blog software security.

Another reason why blogs fail is because they're created with blog software that's easily hacked or spammed to death. Who wants to read a blog that's filled with spam messages? Not us! Not anyone! One of the great features of the Kure Blogging system is that it's difficult to spam. 
Unlike with popular blog software, spammers don't get the opportunity to fill up your Kure blog real estate with a billion URLs since its comment forms work differently than the way conventional blog software forms work. Kure's comment forms (available via "mailto:" functionality) work with a visitor's email program so every comment you receive must pass through a visitor's copy of Outlook, AOL, or other email program s/he uses. 
Spammers don't want to send spam through their own email software because it sends email through their ISPs first and thus creates an easily traced path. This is a major deterrent for spam, and it creates a blog software environment that you can control and protect.

Rome Wasn't Built in a Day

With so many blogs out there, yours is going to need all of the attention you can give it. Just remember that Rome wasn't built in a day. Work steadily and diligently. Within just a few months of dedication, focused material, and spam-free comments, your visitors will increase. 

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