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 MILLIONS of unique articles and stories inside!  Eliminate writer's block with First Draft, a contextual, content generation text editor with over 5,000 sentence prompts and over 15,000 common phrases. First Draft is appropriate for online writers, content providers, bloggers, and everyone else who struggles with a sudden loss of words. The software generates comprehensible articles and stories in mere seconds with keyword support, template editing, an automated spelling and grammar corrector, a word requirements - pricing - and earnings meter, and more.
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50 Ways and Reasons to Use First Draft
Monday, April 27, 2015

In the heart of the Internet business industry, writing plays an instrumental role in the content development sector. As a freelance writer, you're the part of that sector who's responsible for providing not only fresh, new content, but also relevant and interesting content. But that isn't always easy to do, and for some people, it's almost impossible.

That is until now. First Draft, a robust content generation program, is the most responsive answer to today's writing problems. Below, you'll find 50 ways that it supports your EXACT needs as an online, freelance writer.

From A-Z, anyone in the writing industry can use First Draft to...

  1. to always write in a positive voice (even when you don't feel like it)
  2. to answer the question, "What am I supposed write?"
  3. to easily access and follow recommended article writing advice
  4. to avoid keyword stuffing and other SEO article writing-related problems
  5. to avoid or reduce charges of plagiarism
  6. to be creative even when you're out of energy
  7. to boost a current writing status, level, or rank
  8. to correctly cite sources
  9. to write about a topic with minimal research or previous knowledge
  10. to automatically eliminate odd phrasing
  11. to feel comfortable with raising your freelance writing rates
  12. to finally start writing for professional blogs, magazines, journals, etc.
  13. to fulfill a freelance writing job that came with vague instructions
  14. to get a new perspective on an article's topic
  15. to expand writing skills and get more types of writing jobs
  16. to improve writing skills and get on a client's favorite writer list
  17. to get rid of writer's block
  18. to improve client feedback, client ratings, and referrals
  19. to improve writing speed and writing style
  20. to increase income as an online, freelance writer
  21. to increase chances of getting a paid bonus
  22. to increase time available for proofing and editing
  23. to keep up with or even pass the competition
  24. to keep writing, researching and note-taking in one convenient place
  25. to learn something new through research
  26. to meet a tight deadline
  27. to pass a pre-employment proofreading test
  28. to pass a pre-employment writing test
  29. to satisfy the demand for HTML content with ease
  30. to qualify a website or blog for a monetization program
  31. to quickly access SEO, keyword, and keyword density statistics
  32. to easily write about **any** topic
  33. to quickly and easily satisfy SEO requirements
  34. to quickly provide a pre-employment writing sample
  35. to quickly accommodate client changes and satisfy revision requests
  36. to reduce refund requests
  37. to reduce common writing mistakes
  38. to lower, reduce, or completely eliminate writing rejection rates
  39. to remember all those spelling, grammar, and writing rules
  40. to remove babbling, rambling, and filler text from writing
  41. to replace lorem ipsum with meaningful content
  42. to satisfy a lot of orders within a limited time
  43. to accommodate Google's algorithm changes
  44. to avoid the "duplicate content" penalty
  45. to say something different about similar topics or the same topic
  46. to see how much per-hour earnings you're *really* making
  47. to see how much others earn for doing the same thing that you're doing
  48. to stay focused and write consistent content in a consistent style
  49. to surpass your own word count limitations and get past a slump
  50. to write in a variety of styles

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