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Article Writing Using Keywords and First Draft
Saturday, April 25, 2015

In case you didn't know, First Draft is a keyword content generator for writers, bloggers, and anyone else who generates content on a regular basis. Because it places a strong emphasis on word count, per-word earnings, and a timer, however, it's most appropriate for online, freelance writers. Online, freelance writers are often asked to generate topic-specific content, which is why First Draft additionally emphasizes things like keywords and keyword density. Here's how First Draft, an essential article keyword generator, makes those things easy to use and manage.

With the Keyword Field and Context Checker

Every article that's generated inside First Draft discusses a keyword (or product name). In every case, the keyword is the article's subject or topic. This way, content stays focused, and the software can calculate its density on-the-fly. But don't be fooled by its speed. Keywords (product names) must be applied carefully.

Fortunately, First Draft's Context Checker helps ensure that the suggested keyword is appropriately applied. A common mistake that first-time users make is using the Keyword Field for just any ol' keyword. The problem with that approach is that the software generates content in a specific writing style that focuses the reader's attention on the keyword as a solution. The Context Checker, therefore, helps writers determine the best way to use the keyword(s) that they've been hired to write about:

First Draft's Context Checker

With the Refresh Topic Function

Should a writer later discover that a keyword isn't as appropriate as initially thought -- even in the midst of writing -- it's easy and fast to make a change without having to re-write anything or delete pre-written material. Through the Refresh Topic Function, writers can instantaneously switch keywords (topics) and maintain an article's current context. It doesn't matter if there are only a hundred words or over a thousand words in an article. The Refresh Topic Function puts any keyword (product name) into a meaningful perspective:

First Draft's Refresh Topic Function

With a Unique Library

When the revamped version of First Draft made its debut, a beta-tester complained about the inability to generate sensible content using non-product names (as described above). This, despite the fact that the typical article contains a keyword (product name) and variations of the same keyword. Keyword phrases also play a role in content development, but at first-look, it doesn't look as though First Draft can take advantage of them.

Fortunately, First Draft's Unique Libraries make use of non-product keywords and keyword phrases with just as much contextual value that its generated articles have. This particular function imports lists of organized keywords and keyword phrases so that they're used in every generated article. The end-result keeps the article's focus on the main keyword (product name) while addressing the keyword's variations all at once:

First Draft's Refresh Unique Library Function

In the Status Bar

The status bar also plays a role even though it's a very small one. The status bar displays an article's word count, earnings, and keyword density on the fly so that writers can quickly discover and monitor a specific percentage. The calculations are not only handled inside the software, they're regularly updated too. This way, writers can concentrate on the writing process rather than math problems.

Registered Version

It's important to note that some functions inside First Draft are disabled until the software is registered. And making full use of its keyword functions requires payment. With the registered version, writers and bloggers can generate content from an unlimited number of keywords in just as many ways, including from inside generated content, templates, outlines, inserted article parts and lists, and research material. To get access to all these functions and more, download the latest version and register it from inside the software (instructions are within).


To make a long story short, First Draft is among the very best keyword article generators available. The key to making it work the way that you need it to work is to try out all of the options. The quicker you start, the faster you can increase your writing speed and generate content from keywords within seconds.

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