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Mastering the Art of Writing with First Draft Outlines
Saturday, April 11, 2015

Most of us have a general appreciation of how helpful the outline can be in writing. It provides an intelligent and articulate way to organize what seems like a maze of scattered thoughts, and it helps facilitate the writing process within a structured, focused manner. But some people struggle with outlines for any number of reasons. They may think outlines break the pace of natural writing, for example, or they just don't like the way that outlines restrict creativity.

For just as many reasons, we believe the outline, while seemingly awkward to some, can help anyone increase writing speed and improve comprehensibility at the same time. Here's how that is done in First Draft.

A Wide Variety of Speedy Options

When it comes to putting First Draft to work, one thing that often gets overlooked is its adaptability. First Draft does a lot more than just generate articles. It additionally generates outlines -- even outlines from templates. And it generates those just as fast as it generates articles (if not faster).

What really makes a difference in just a short period of time, however, is the way First Draft works a wide variety of topics. You have to remember that First Draft was built to accommodate almost any subject, and because of this, it gives writers a huge leverage in writing -- especially if they are writing from an article outline template.

To see for yourself, download and open any one of the 55, free outline templates at You'll soon witness how quickly First Draft presents any topic's main points, organizes your thoughts, and automatically starts things off into meaningful prose.

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