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First Draft's Versioning Method
Saturday, May 16, 2015

The following explanation describes First Draft's versioning method. As mentioned on the First Draft FAQ Page, First Draft is under constant development. The software's developer uses First Draft on a daily basis, and as a result, the software is subject to minor, but multiple changes and additions that are designed to improve the user experience. By downloading and installing the most recent version, users can rest assured that they're using the same exact version that the developer is using.

Comparing Version Numbers

Users can compare their installed version against the most recently developed version by visiting https://www.justoutsourcing.com/files/fd and looking for the published release numbers (displayed in big, red, bold digits). Example:


To find and match the version number of an installed copy against the most recently published release, click the About item under the Help menu.

Video Demonstration


If the numbers don't match, feel free to re-download and re-install a copy of First Draft from that page. This will ensure that (1) you have the exact, same version that the developer has, and (2) you have access to newly added features and functions. Registered users have free access to all upgrades, so there's no reason to worry about additional payment.

What the Numbers Mean

To keep things easy to understand, First Draft is versioned according to builds like most software is. Only here, each number's position represents the type of enhancement.

Minor Code Fixes and Content Corrections/Additions

The last number in a version, therefore, represents minor code fixes and content corrections. It also represents small additions to the content inside of First Draft. It's not necessary to upgrade each time this number changes unless you want to keep up with what the developer is doing with First Draft minute-by-minute.

Minor Function Changes and/or Major Content Additions

The third number represents a minor change in the way an existing function operates. The third number additionally indicates a significant amount of newly added content. If you see a different number here, you may want to re-download and re-install a new copy since that change could alter the way First Draft generates and/or works with existing, pre-written content.

New Functions and/or Major Function Changes

The second number indicates that an entirely new (but small) function has been added to First Draft. Or it may indicate a major change in the way that an existing function operates. The function may or may not come with an accompanying interface. Either way, users should immediately download all versions with a different second number since it means the software's operability has changed. Examples include new menu and/or menu items, new buttons, etc.

Collection of Additions and/or Changes

The first number represents a wide collection of additions and/or changes. This number will hardly change. When it does change, you can expect a new interface and new approach to generating content with First Draft.

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