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How Fast Do You Write (Really)?
Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Quite often, we hear writers brag about their ability to write a "quality" article in under 30 minutes. It's enough to make any newspaper opinion writer drool like a two-year old baby. If not, it's certainly enough to make "the rest of us" question our own writing speed.

Here, it's a curiosity that had to be answered. That's why in First Draft, registered users will see a timer displayed in the lower right-hand corner of the First Draft window. Looking at it right now, I can see that I've spent four minutes and ten seconds writing these two paragraphs.

Video Demonstration


This timer never shuts off. It will restart whenever an article is opened or when the "New Article" button is pressed. But other than that, it stays there as a constant reminder of how many minutes or even hours have passed from the time writing started till the time it stopped. That includes time consumed with proofreading and editing.

This way, writers have an accurate account of how long it *really* takes to write a quality article. After a bit of rephrasing, restructuring, and editing (i.e. "polishing"), the length of time that writing with First Draft shortens might be surprising.

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