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Using First Draft as an Article Title Generator
Tuesday, June 9, 2015

One of the hardest things to do in writing is crafting an appropriate title. Some writers like to save this part of writing for last, as a summation of an article's content. Others like to craft a title first to let it guide an article's subject matter. No matter when a title is created (or why), First Draft gives writers three easy ways to generate one.

In a Generated Article

Every article and outline that First Draft writes automatically generates a title and several subtitles. These titles aren't set in stone, of course. Writers are free to delete them or modify them at will. The key point is that they're available to spur ideas for a more germane introduction.



From First Draft's Context Menu

One of the options available in First Draft's Context Menu is the Insert Random Item option. From here, writers can select "Title" and insert a randomly generated title into First Draft's Edit area. And just like with the titles that are created from First Draft's article and outline generator, these titles are editable as well. If you don't like what you see, simply modify it or delete it to generate a new one.



With an Article Title Generator Template

The Just Outsourcing website now offers an article title generator template that creates 40 unique titles upon loading. This is handy when you want to create a list of titles. Reloading the template from the File menu will generate an entirely new set of 40 unique article titles as well.



Please note that this article title generator template works with any product name and its related keywords, but it will load on registered versions of First Draft only.


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