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Describing Product Features with First Draft
Monday, June 29, 2015

In case you didn't already know, First Draft was designed to remove writer's block and quicken the writing process. As a result, it streamlines the writing process for the online freelance writer or blogger who's writing about a specific product. That's why, within the software, there's so much emphasis on the Product name (keyword), its purpose, and its benefits. But there's another part of First Draft that deserves just as much attention. That function is the Feature combo box.

Focusing on Features

Previously known as the Object combo box, the Feature combo box stores a list of product features. And when First Draft generates an article with a custom Data Pack, it pulls items from that list and writes about them as separate paragraph topics.

If, for example, the Feature Combo box stores the following three items: low-pricing, money-back guarantee, and toll-free calling, First Draft will generate one paragraph about low-pricing, another paragraph about the money-back guarantee, and another paragraph about toll-free calling.

Available Automatically and Manually

First Draft writes about these items when it automatically generates content as a full article and when users build content manually (Inserted paragraph-by-inserted paragraph). Without a Data Pack, First Draft writes about a product's qualities (as separate paragraph topics) instead. Those particular items come from the Quality combo box.

Either way, whether a writer wants to describe a product's features or qualities, First Draft makes the entire process a lot easier. And you're strongly encouraged to give it a try with a Data Pack of your own or with one of the freely available Data Packs (included with the installation file) just to see how it works.

You'll find that the end-result quickly produces content that's organized and focused, and perhaps, most importantly, content that satisfies client needs.


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