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Automated Article Writing
Thursday, July 23, 2015

All over the world, writing has become more and more commonplace for a number of unique reasons. But when it's done in bulk, there's always something that compromises quality or gets increasingly difficult during the process.

Fortunately, automated article writing can eliminate the most of the problems that accompany those issues. And First Draft is one automated article writing tool that can set a writing project on the right path with minimal errors. Here's just some of what's automated and available from First Draft.

  • First Draft's Full Article Generator generates a generic, comprehensible article and presents it in the software's Edit area for editing and/or proofreading.
  • First Draft's Artificial Intelligence uses AI to determine the most relevant way to present information. Some of the factors that construct the AI include the frequency of the current time, date, and topic.
  • First Draft's Auto Save Function automatically saves the currently displayed article (in the Edit area) every five minutes.
  • First Draft's Auto-complete Function suggests a series of relevant phrases as writers type in the software's Edit area.
  • First Draft's Auto-correct function automatically corrects words and/or grammar that don't conform to AP writing rules. And it does this while writers type in the Edit area.
Of course, being an article writing software program, First Draft does a lot more. These are just a few of the things that it suitable for automated article writing. To learn more, visit the software's description page.


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