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First Draft as a Writer's Block Helper
Sunday, July 19, 2015

Writer's block, blank page syndrome, whatever you want to call it, the inability to generate content in the manner in which you were hired to is beyond frustrating. In some cases, it can be a financial disadvantage. Thankfully, there's First Draft, a writer's block helper, which is very useful in removing and preventing both writer's block and blank page syndrome. Here's how.

  • First Draft's Article Title Generator creates a unique title for each article and outline that it generates. Like numerous functions in the software, this function is automatic as well, and occurs without the writer being aware of it.
  • First Draft's Insert (Sub)Title function allows writers to insert a randomly generated, paragraph subtitle.
  • First Draft's Artificial Intelligence uses AI to determine the most relevant way to present information. Some of the factors that construct the AI include the frequency of the current time, date, and topic.
  • First Draft's Auto-complete Function suggests a series of relevant phrases as writers type in the software's Edit area.
  • First Draft's Phrase Bank gives writers access to a huge database of commonly used phrases. Works great against writer's block!
  • First Draft's Sentence Starters function sends a series of starting sentence or "writing prompts" parts to the Edit window. The idea is to finish each started sentence to the point in which a complete article is written.
  • First Draft's Sentence Swapper gives writers the means to quickly change an entire sentence without changing the context of a current article. "Swapping" is handy when a writer would like to express something differently than how it's expressed in a generated article.

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