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Fixing the Most Common Writing Errors with First Draft
Friday, July 24, 2015

You need to examine First Draft only once to understand how important it can be in correcting some of the most common writing errors. With First Draft, anyone can generate error-free writing (or writing that's as close to being as error-free that it can get). So becoming competent at error-free writing may mean using First Draft. Here's what to use to avoid some of the most common errors in your writing.

  • First Draft's Auto-correct function automatically corrects words and/or grammar that don't conform to AP writing rules. And it does this while writers type in the Edit area.
  • First Draft's Grammar Check function scans an article and automatically corrects the most common spelling and grammar errors. It currently corrects over 10,000 common spelling, grammar and capitalization errors.
  • First Draft's HTML Proof function shows writers how a current article in the Edit area looks as an HTML file. It additionally indicates a low word count and tricky spelling or grammar areas.
  • First Draft's Internal Writing Vocabulary contains AP recommended vocabulary in every article and outline that the software generates. It's an automatic, behind-the-scenes process that occurs without writers even being aware of it.


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