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Fun Writing Prompts in First Draft
Friday, July 3, 2015

People all over the world start writing for a multitude of profound reasons. After all, writing has a definitive place in website content development, and shared in all the right places, it can produce an advantageous return. But after factoring in the uncertainty that writing sometimes brings, these things can seem insurmountable -- even with a solid content development plan. Is there anything that can help?

A number of people who weren't able to write as fast as they wanted to were finally able to via First Draft's writing prompts. Six advantageous tools inside First Draft, which have significantly worked for others, serve as such writing prompts, and they are introduced below.

Calendar of Events

First Draft's Calendar function prompts writers to write about the theme of the day. Examples are holidays, national events and even the odd celebration like National Peanut Butter Day or Extraterrestrial Abductions Day (celebrated the very day of this writing). Normally, writers are discouraged from dating their articles or blog posts with time-sensitive content. Free from that restriction, however, writers can generate content that's relevant to what's on everyone's mind, calendar and/or to-do list through this very tool.

Article Topic Generator

Even though writers may have a title and general idea of what they want to write about, they may still be fuzzy about the specifics (i.e. paragraph topics) when it's time to start typing. Fortunately, First Draft's Article Topic Generator provides those specifics. It does so by suggesting a fun writing prompt (i.e. an angle) to write from, and it can be easily accessed from the software's right-click menu.

Article Outline Generator

Almost every writer suggests writing from an outline for good reason. That reason is because it guides the writing process. For many writers, writing from an outline is like following a map, and as you might expect, it quickens the writing process by keeping things focused. First Draft's Outline Generator not only accomplishes the same; it lays the groundwork for each and every type of writing with a huge variety of Sentence Starters as fun writing prompts.

Sentence Starters Function

Speaking of Sentence Starters, First Draft's Insert Sentence Starters function helps spawn new ideas and approaches to writing by presenting fresh (and sometimes, fun) writing prompts. It literally asks the writer to finish a sentence that has already been started while it helps speed things up in every sense of the word.

Auto-complete Function

First Draft's Auto-complete function represents one of the most unique aspects of automated content generation. Combined with artificial intelligence, it helps trigger the thoughts that writers may already have but, for some reason, can't access as quickly as needed. It's the one feature of First Draft through which writers can make content more meaningful much faster through fun (but sensible) writing prompts.

First Draft's Blank Lines Function

First Draft's Blank Lines function combines the outline with the completed article. The end-result is a phrasal template that prompts writers to "fill in the blanks" with their own contributions. Since the bulk of each article is pre-written, finishing it (i.e. writing an article) is a snap.

If you're having trouble with thinking of things to write and ways to write it, give First Draft's writing prompts a serious look. You'll discover that they're not only extremely helpful; they're fun too!

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