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Write Faster with First Draft
Saturday, July 4, 2015

In some circles, writing is the most effective approach to content marketing. It has been proven to work by various marketing experts who not only practice what they preach, but also share their results for all of us to witness. Unfortunately, for a lot of individuals, writing takes so long to do, people aren't motivated by it. I recently encountered a writer, for example, who admitted that it took him an entire day to write just 200 words.

At that pace, you can't help but wonder if there's an easier way to profit from content marketing without having to abandon the idea of writing altogether.

Many individuals are interested in the way that First Draft quickens the process and enables anyone to write faster. If you're anything like the fellow described above, you'll appreciate how it can help you write faster as well.

With First Draft's Auto-complete Function

One of the most entertaining (yes, entertaining!) ways to write faster is with First Draft's Auto-complete function. This function essentially suggests relevant phrases from which writers can select and insert a pre-written thought into a current writing project. And it helps prevents those awkward moments of internal silence when writers can't think of a single thing to say.


With First Draft's Full Article Generator

Many of the doubts that anyone has about First Draft are answered with its Full Article Generator. In fact, aside from the software's Template function, its Full Article Generator really couldn't make writing and publishing content any easier. It literally writes entire articles within minutes (or seconds -- depending on computer speed), and it enables even the slowest typist to write faster too.


With First Draft's Writing Speed

Speaking of writing speed, First Draft "types" approximately 918 words-per-minute. People manually type about 60 words-per-minute. First Draft is 15 times as fast. So with this writing generator, people can write faster from a 500-word article in under a minute or so.

On Windows 98, for example, First Draft generates 500 words of content in 20-25 seconds. On Windows XP, it generates the same in about 10 seconds. But on Windows 7, it completes an article in 0-3 seconds, the same amount of time that it takes on a Windows Vista machine.

With First Draft's Template Collection

First Draft's Template collection presents a wide variety of writing angles. And using any one of them eliminates the frustration that often accompanies writing that has to be in a particular style or format. So if a writing project requires how-to, opinion, sales letter, news story, or even review content, for instance, writers can use the appropriate template to not only write faster, but also write in a preferred style.


We really want to stress the idea that First Draft is the answer to anyone who asks, "How can I write faster?" Even an amateur can write faster with First Draft, and no one would even know. So why wait to try it out for yourself? You have to remember that the question in content marketing -- particularly competitive content marketing -- isn't necessarily whether you need to write more, but perhaps, whether you simply need to write faster just so that you can write more!

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