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Words and Phrases Banned from First Draft Support
Friday, December 4, 2015

First Draft is all about words and phrases -- so much so, that a few of them have been banned from the software's support system. As a potential user, it's very important that you know what these words and phrases are, and why they probably won't be addressed the way that you want them to be addressed. Here are just some of them.

  • Plagiarism

    With First Draft, plagiarism is a non-existent issue due to the fact that the software doesn't use existing material other than the English language. First Draft's algorithms formulate content from a special metric that's designed to "invent" literary concepts. So if you have a question about plagiarism, it will, unfortunately, be ignored. It's a non-issue that's non-existent, and therefore, not addressed any more than what's been said about it in the First Draft FAQ.
  • Copyrights

    Like with plagiarism, questions or issues concerning copyrights are ignored as well. (See reasoning above.) This goes for questions regarding CopyScape too. CopyScape attempts to find the same or similar material across the web. Since First Draft runs independent of an Internet connection and does not steal, copy, and/or rewrite content from other websites, wondering whether its output "passes CopyScape" is a waste of time.
  • Duplicate content

    This too is a banned concept because it implies that First Draft can, will, or should be able to eliminate or reduce the problem of duplicate content. The problem with this issue is that although the software provides an infinite number of ways to express an idea, it was never designed to address duplicate content the way that people, who are more concerned about search engines than writing, want or need it to.
  • Spinner/Synonymizer

    Additional concepts that aren't addressed are "spinner", "synonymizer", and/or any other idea that employs these techniques. (See reasoning above.) First Draft is not a re-writing or re-phrasing tool, as those items are typically used to manipulate search engine results. Instead, First Draft is a text-editor designed to eliminate writer's block. It is software for writers -- not search engines.
  • Scraping

    One more item that isn't discussed is scraping. Scraping is the process of downloading existing content and then changing it in some way to make it appear original. Since (again) First Draft runs independent of an Internet connection (and always will), this method is not supported in any form or fashion. However, that certainly isn't the only reason.

    Scraping is illegal, and it violates the terms and conditions of almost every website out there.


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