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First Draft Got Props!
Monday, March 7, 2016

... Over 260,000 of them, in fact. Of course, I'm talking about story props -- those little things that are quite insignificant all by themselves, yet paint a rather vivid picture when they're inside a story.

As an example, consider the following:

"Candice went home and found a message that was left for her." Now consider the same with some of First Draft's props inserted inside:

"Candice, wearing her favorite pair of green jeans and a brown, denim jacket, entered her Tudor home and found a phone message on her small, 3-legged, wooden stool by the lit fireplace."

What a difference! By adding just six props (jeans, jacket, Tudor home, phone message, stool, and lit fireplace), the second sentence is much more descriptive and interesting. Here's how to make your stories descriptive and interesting via First Draft's Prop menu:

Right-click anywhere inside the Edit area and hover over the "Insert Random Item..."


You'll see a selection of props that you can insert into a developing story. Props include characters, personal items, household items, public items, clothing items, cars, places to work, places of entertainment, houses, streets, events, news headlines, times of the day, occupations, weather conditions, and sounds. These same items are available from the Prop box that are displayed after First Draft generates a fiction story:


Clicking any one of those items will randomly select a prop and insert it into the story that you're working on, but only in the latest version... Upgrade to First Draft here to get your props!

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