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First Draft Data Packs vs. Templates
Wednesday, October 5, 2016

When to Use Them, Up Coming Changes, and AI

When to Use First Draft's Data Packs

First Draft's Data Packs contain a unique set of files that give writers topic-related material to work with. This material shows up in the software's comboboxes (located on the right) and shows up in each article that a writer generates.If a writer loads up a "baseball" data pack, for example, First Draft will generate content that contains specific material about baseball.

First Draft's Data Packs give writers the most efficient way to make the software's generic articles much more specific. So if you want to quickly create content that's super-specific to a particular topic, Data Packs are the way to go.

When to Use First Draft's Templates

First Draft's Templates give writers the ability to quickly generate different types of content. Types of content include how-to and opinion pieces, sales letters, company and product descriptions, blog posts, SEO articles, and more. And they help shape the style of what's being written.

Templates are most appropriate, therefore, for writing that requires a specific format or organization.

Beware A Smaller List of Options

When Templates are used in conjunction with a subject-specific Data Pack, writers will witness articles write themselves within the First Draft interface. It really is fascinating to witness. However, over time, you may notice the items listed on the Templates and Data Pack web page slowly disappear. That's not because they're being eliminated. It's because they're currently being integrated into the First Draft software program.

This means that in the near future, save for a few exceptions, First Draft will come with both of those items (Templates and Data Packs) pre-installed. The Outline Templates, for example, are already integrated into the First Draft software program and are thus no longer available for download. All outlines are already installed on the user's system and available for immediate access starting in version 3.14.  

Artificial Intelligence is Taking the Wheel!

It's important to note that some Templates and Data Packs will remain external to preserve First Draft's efficiency. I take great pride in how fast the software generates content, so I don't want to ruin that experience by cramming every little bit of information into the program. Instead, First Draft will use artificial intelligence (AI) to incorporate the specificities that can bring a topic to life.

This will not only enhance the writing experience; it will additionally reduce costs. As of now, each Template and Data Pack is sold as a separate add-on. So stay tuned. Once this particular part of First Draft is complete, you'll see another announcement.

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