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First Draft Writes Like People, For People
Wednesday, November 16, 2016

First Draft Writes Like People, For People

First Draft Text Editor Generates Content Indistinguishable from Practiced Writers. (Press Release)

Sacramento, California, November 16, 2016 -- With over 130 different content options, First Draft 4.0, a Windows-based text editor, uses enhanced artificial intelligence and smart automation to quickly generate well-written, topic-specific articles, stories, and outlines in less than two seconds. Major developments include a larger content database, smarter use of the English language, faster generation, and more. Other additions include a bigger interface, topic-specific details, and a real-time electronic muse.

Built by Nicole Miller, First Draft continues to obliterate writer's block with a constant supply of well-timed, relevant ideas. According to Nicole, "The software lends a substantial amount of practicality to the writing process and delivers the inspiration needed to complete mundane writing assignments thanks to the use of stronger AI and automation." "As a result, First Draft has turned into an even more powerful writer's assistant tool," Nicole added.

Its Word Bank and Phrase Bank fill with lists of words and/or phrases that are related to what's being written as it's being written. They essentially function as a real-time, electronic muse that uses artificial intelligence to recommend relevant material and even remove irrelevant material when necessary. Writers who want to work with a personal list of words and phrases can import them and enjoy the same interaction as with the default lists.

The "Expand with Detail" feature expands selected text with relevant facts while the "Address in New Section" feature writes a new section about any text that's selected. Both features automatically insert relevant, detailed text into an article while lengthening word count and clarifying ideas at the same time. According to Nicole, "These two features make writing from an outline ridiculously easy." As such, the software's recommended outline has been enhanced as well. With First Draft 4.0, writers can generate and export a detailed outline to the Edit area with the same specificity.

The software also now generates content for advisories, explanatory articles, news stories, sales letters, speeches, and newsletters in addition to its regular staple of genres (blog posts, data reports, fictional stories, etc.). First Draft 4.0 costs $149.99 and can be purchased online from A trial version may be downloaded from

Contact: Nicole Miller
1008 Tenth Street PMB #456
Sacramento, CA 95814-3502
Ph: (253) 595-0700



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