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Introducing First Draft 4.0
Monday, November 7, 2016

In First Draft 4.0, writers have access to three new developments designed to not only obliterate writer's block, but also to quicken the writing process even more. The software's artificial intelligence plays a stronger role as well. Here's a short summary of what's new.

Word and Phrase Banks

The most noticeable difference in First Draft 4.0 is the addition of the Word Bank and Phrase Bank. These two nifty items fill with words and/or phrases that are related to what's being written, as it's being written. They essentially function as a real-time, electronic muse that uses artificial intelligence to recommend relevant material and even remove irrelevant material when necessary.

No action is needed to take advantage of these two resources because they work on their own. You type, First Draft 'thinks'. However, writers who may appreciate working with a personal list of words and phrases can import them through the Load/Reset Word and Phrase Bank item from the Edit menu. First Draft's artificial intelligence works with both default and personal lists.

Expand Text with Detail

On First Draft's right-click menu, you might notice a new item labeled, "Expand with Detail." When available, it gives writers the ability to expand selected text with relevant facts. Clicking the item inserts those details, lengthening word count and clarifying ideas at the same time.

Address in New Section

Speaking of the right-click menu, there's another item on there that writers may appreciate. It's labeled, "Address in New Section," and when clicked, it writes a new section (two paragraphs) about any text that's selected. This is a feature that makes writing from an outline ridiculously easy. And because it's artificially intelligent too, every new, inserted section is relevant to what's being written as well.

As you can see, November 2016 has started off with quite a bang for First Draft. So if you haven't upgraded yet, go ahead and do it today. You'll love it!


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