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It's a Blog Explosion!
Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Some time ago, I stopped trying to enumerate First Draft's sentences because no matter what, I kept encountering values that were too big to sensibly express. But that was before I added so many different content modules. Now, I can offer a glimpse into that number per module. Well, that is, with the Blog Post Generator...

I fear the number of sentences in the Instructional and Persuasive modules may still be too big to count. So I'll save that self-abusive task for a later time. Here's a little update.

Over 589,000 Sentences Inside

I remember when I was excited that First Draft's first two content modules generated that much material. Here it is almost three years later, and not only does the software offer twelve times the genres; it generates at least 589,000 sentences in just one of them: the Blog Post Generator. That's mostly because of a massive boost in material. So if you're in the need for a comprehensible writing start, upgrade your version of First Draft today.

As always, the content in this module (and *all* of First Draft's modules, actually) is just as sensible, logical, and applicable as ever. However, because this module generates blog content, its *tone* is as appropriate as you would expect it to be as well.

It's "Time-and-Date" Aware Too

Just to make things a little easier, First Draft's Blog Post Generator is careful to incorporate both time- and date-sensitive content. This gives writers:

  • accurate, event-related material to work with
  • one less thing to worry about

Generating a blog post with First Draft's artificial intelligence will incorporate subject-specific events too. So if, for example, you're writing a blog post about fishing, and the current date is significant to the sport, you can bet First Draft is going to have something to say about it!


I've got just a little more content to add to this module before, like with the Advisory Generator, it will be complete. For now, I think it's enough to provide a myriad of writing ideas, especially for writers who are under an unbelievable amount of pressure to write blog content. If you're anything like I am, you'll take solace in the fact that probably 80 to 90 percent of it is already written for you. With First Draft, all you have to do is click a few buttons to access it.

Download the new version here.


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