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Take a Widely Discussed Topic and Give It Your Own Spin with First Draft
Thursday, February 16, 2017

Though there is a plethora of subjects to write about, one problem that writers have is putting their own spin on a widely discussed topic. Many people -- including myself -- approach topics from a factual point of view. It's what we're taught to do in school, and it's what we're told to do as online content providers. Of course, the problem with that approach is that it not only lends to needless, boring repetition; it can cause serious problems with SEO rankings when everyone literally parrots one another.

Fortunately, there are a few tools inside First Draft that will help you lend a unique voice to virtually anything.

First Draft's Choose Article Menu
The first tool that writers should hit is First Draft's Choose Article Menu, which presents a choice of over two dozen different types of article, report, and story generators. Available options range from advisory notices and blog posts to skits (plays) and speeches. So if you're not keen on writing yet-another-how-to-article, try writing in a different genre.

As an example, consider this fantastic spin on the controversy surrounding Kellyane Conway's "I love you back" tweet, in which a commenter turned the event into a bizarre but interesting story plot.

You may not appreciate the context, but you gotta respect the creativity!
First Draft's Research Function
First Draft's Research Function presents a choice of tools that writers can use to find and validate written material. Tools include news outlets, video outlets, encyclopedia outlets, and more. They essentially give writers the opportunity to find a perspective that hasn't yet been presented and (as Rachel Maddow would say) find the "story behind the story."
First Draft's Example Generator
Never underestimate the power of examples. First Draft's Example Generator inserts a generated example inside a current article for writers to personalize or make more specific with some of the real-world events found with the research tools above.
Your Own Personal Perspective
Here, you've got to dig deeper about an issue and choose to write about what everybody else isn't. You could appeal to the real motivations beyond the expected ones. You could write about what's actually making a friggin' difference somewhere. Write about things that are solving real problems out there. And support it with actual news stories, case studies, etc. They exist -- and that's something that First Draft can help you with too!

Armed with these tools, your writing can take on a personal slant and really stand out from what's already available. So try them all. First Draft really does make it that easy.


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