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Write Extensively on a Shallow Topic and Create Content for Boring Topics
Monday, February 13, 2017

As a freelance writer, you're bound to get assignments that are so shallow and boring that they'd put even the most hyperactive kindergartner to sleep. Fortunately, there are some tools inside First Draft that will help you not only endure the tedious task of writing about them, but also successfully meet the required word count and stay awake while doing it.

Here's what to use:

The Outline Generator
First Draft's Outline Generator generates a generic, comprehensible 1,000-word outline and presents it in the software's Edit area for completion. It's especially handy when you're handed an assignment without any direction at all.
The Address in New Section Function
First Draft's Address in New Section Feature writes a new section (two paragraphs) about any text that's selected. This is a feature that makes writing from an outline (such as the one described above) super easy. And because it's artificially intelligent too, every new, inserted section is relevant to what's being written as well.
The Tips Outline
First Draft's Tips Outline provides ideas to help increase word count or simply think of new things to write about.
Examples, Examples, Examples!
Examples are another great way to expand upon a topic. They also help clarify what you're talking about. First Draft's Example Generator inserts a generated example inside a current article.

There are, of course, many other ways to generate material from inside the software. That's what First Draft was made for. And most of them involve little more than making the right selections. Learn more about those ways here.


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