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Five Innovative Ways to Brainstorm Story Ideas
Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Every fiction writer has their own, preferred method of brainstorming story ideas. That's why First Draft gives writers five innovative ways to generate new plots, new dialogue, new twists, and even new words. Here's what to use when you want a different angle.

First Draft's Story Generator
First Draft's Fiction Generator generates a generic, comprehensible story and presents it in the software's Edit area for editing and/or proofreading.

First Draft's Props Menu in Fiction Mode
First Draft's Props menu gives fiction writers access to a menu of 36 individual story props categories which insert objects (characters, scenes, etc.) that paint a vivid picture when they're inside a story. One item even inserts plot twists just waiting to be worked into an unsuspected scene.

First Draft's Interview Chat Bot
First Draft's Interview Chat Bot asks questions based on written answers and makes the whole writing experience more intimate and quicker for the writer who's conversing with it. It makes a great platform for developing fictional character dialogue too.

First Draft's Blank Lines Function
First Draft's Blank Lines Function displays blank lines in its generated articles so that writers can (1) generate a story that's 70 - 80 percent complete and (2) work from that partially-completed story as a phrasal template.

First Draft's Word Formation
First Draft's Word Formation inserts a defined, 'coined' term into the Edit area, ready for personalization.

Check it out!

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