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Stay Focused While Writing with First Draft
Monday, March 20, 2017

How many times are you distracted while writing? Depending on what's going on in both your environment and your head, the number could be surprisingly high. That's why First Draft provides five tools designed to pull your attention back to the screen and keep you focused on each writing assignment. Here's what you need to finish an article shortly after it's started.

First Draft's No Distraction Modes
First Draft has two No Distraction modes: Full Screen Typing Mode (F11) and Hide Desktop Mode. In Hide Desktop Mode, First Draft hides the desktop background but keeps the Task Bar in view for easy access to other software. In Full Screen Typing Mode, First Draft hides everything except for the article that's being written.
First Draft's Knock Knock
First Draft's Knock Knock function works silently in the background to bring your attention back to writing after a brief period of inactivity. It literally knocks at your computer, waiting for a reponse from you.
First Draft's Progress Bar
First Draft's Progress Bar displays the progress of an article's completion compared to the article's word count. If an article hasn't reached its word count, the software's progress bar is displayed to encourage completion.
First Draft's Status Bar
First Draft's Status Bar displays information about the current article. Information includes the current article's word count, keyword density and readability score. It also displays information regarding the monetary value of an article, which, when monitored in conjunction with First Draft's Timer Status, may motivate you to reach a desired dollar amount.
First Draft's Timer Status
First Draft's Timer Status shows the time that has lapsed between activities. Writers can use this area to see how long it takes to write a finished article and compare the time spent writing with the money earned during that time (that is, your rate per hour). If you find your hourly wage as a writer isn't what you'd like it to be, use some of First Draft's other tools designed to quickly increase your writing speed.

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