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Generate Stand-up Comedy Routines with First Draft
Thursday, December 21, 2017

Exactly one-year ago, I hinted at the development of a comedy routine generator. Well, today, that generator is finally available and inside the latest version of First Draft (Version 5.1). If you haven't already done so, download it today to turn any topic into a good, knee-slapping read. Here's a brief introduction.

Same Focused Material, Only Funny

Working with First Draft's Comedy Routine generator is just as simple, quick, and easy as working with any of the other generators. To use it, simply put in the appropriate Keyword, Purpose, and Benefit values and then generate an article with Comedic set as the content option. In as little as 1-2 seconds, First Draft will place a well-written comedy routine inside the text editor window for further editing.


You'll then see everything you'd expect from such a routine including the setup for humorous stories, jokes, and one-liners. The only thing missing is a microphone and an audience.

Comedy Article Parts

In addition to generating an entire comedy routine, there are additional ways to make existing content funnier. One of those ways is through the Article Part menu, where you can insert a short, funny paragraph into an existing routine or article. Also available is the One-Liner Jokes option on the right-click menu. Selecting that option will present a list of relevant one-liners in the Phrase Box for later use.

Since comedic material is often fabricated, this particular module runs in Fiction Mode, which gives writers access to a panel of relevant ideas that flash on and off while the writer types. Clicking any one of the panel's buttons will insert a random idea for even more laughs.

Important Things to Know

As with all of First Draft's content, the Comedic module is always "under improvement." Its database currently contains over 17,000 funny sentences; however, if you've paid any attention to First Draft's development over the years, then you already know that this module will evolve as well as more and more material is added.

Download the new version of First Draft here. And enjoy!