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March Update
Thursday, March 8, 2018

Even More Content Strategies for the Month of March

Creeping up on its fourth birthday (April), First Draft got a new version number today: 5.2. In this version, writers can do a number of things to enhance the topics that they write about. That's due to the regular content updates, smart automation, and even more opportunities to customize and train the software. Here's a little more about each new improvement.

Yup, Even More Content

New content is manually added to First Draft every day. That part is a given. But sometimes, by having enabled certain aspects of artificial intelligence, even more content is unleashed without any previous planning. As a result, First Draft not only generates even more content; the AI ensures that content is relevant. So while you're reading over what the software generates, you shouldn't be surprised to see things are already explained on your behalf. Nor should you be surprised to discover something new from what's presented.


First Draft's internal database is growing in both size and knowledge. The relationships that it's making are becoming stronger, and the relevancy of its concepts is increasing. These developments continue as more and more material is added -- ultimately making First Draft a source of quality and informative content.

More Customization and Training

If you're not taking advantage of First Draft's training tools, you're not really using the software to its full potential. And you're missing out on a tremendous opportunity to write in your own voice even faster. With the new Add to Dictionary function, for example, writers can override First Draft's default word definitions with their own. So whenever something is defined in future generations or in the new Word and Phrase Manager, it's done so with the author's interpretation (not the software's) automatically.

That's just another way to Train First Draft to Write Like You in addition to the seven different ways already provided.

Strengthening Relationships among Concepts

Since one of the goals of First Draft is to quicken the writing process, it made sense to strengthen the relationships that the software already makes. First Draft already writes focused content. But in some instances, even focused content can use just a little more tightening. So on the Content Options menu, writer's have the opportunity to tighten a topic with ideas of from a related subject and/or with ideas relating to a specific culture.


If I wanted to, for example, write an article about boating and include information about "yachting" too, I can do that automatically now. Of course, if I wanted to write about those topics with a cultural influence, I can now do that automatically while First Draft suggests things about a selected culture when I write.

You can do the same too with First Draft. 5.2.

Download it here. And enjoy!