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Automation vs. Artificial Intelligence: Know the Difference and Don't be Fooled
Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Automation vs. Artificial Intelligence: Know the Difference and Don't be Fooled

As artificial intelligence makes its way into various fields of computing, we find ourselves subjected to a wide-open field of possibilities. And while pimply teens salivate over the idea of Terminator robots reproducing themselves and demanding changes to the Constitution, companies, if they're not inventing them, continue to search for ways to profit from it.

But because artificial intelligence remains an incomplete and unrefined approach to computer-based problem solving, it's not only easily misinterpreted, it's also easily abused. So much so, that since the latter part of 2015, I've encountered more than a few instances in which something was incorrectly labeled "AI" seemingly for the sake of media attention or sales. Here, I want to help clarify the difference so that you aren't duped into paying for a function or feature that doesn't exist.

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Automated Article Writing
Thursday, July 23, 2015

All over the world, writing has become more and more commonplace for a number of unique reasons. But when it's done in bulk, there's always something that compromises quality or gets increasingly difficult during the process.

Fortunately, automated article writing can eliminate the most of the problems that accompany those issues. And First Draft is one automated article writing tool that can set a writing project on the right path with minimal errors. Here's just some of what's automated and available from First Draft.

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