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Branding Through Q & A

We're often told there's no such thing as a stupid question, and the Internet's Q&A questions and answers sites couldn't prove this to be truer. The various available questions and answers sites give people a platform to not only freely solicit answers to almost any type of question, they additionally give marketers a platform to brand their expertise. So if you haven't jumped on the Q&A marketing bandwagon, do it now for these very critical reasons.

No Questions Excluded

Customers flock to these types of sites in hopes of getting honest answers to questions about anything from rubber hoses to cartoon characters. No specific type of question is excluded, excepting some X-rated questions or questions that break site terms and conditions.

Those types of questions are seemingly deleted as soon as they're posted. Everything else goes, which give 'netpreneurs like you and me a fantastic opportunity to recommend and link to our very own products and services as part of an answer to a question (spamming excluded).

Back Linking is a Bonus

Linking to your products and services is critical, as it helps generate that coveted link-juice so many SEO gurus recommend. As long as your answers are genuinely helpful and not spammy in any way, these types of websites will let you link to your own website as part of your response.

Brand Recognition is a Breeze

Some of these sites award their users with points. Generally, the more questions you answer, the more points you're awarded, and with enough points, people will associate your brand with the expertise you provide. It's a simple formula that can work toward your benefit if you take advantage of it. So try it! You've got nothing to lose. All of these Q&A questions and answers sites are free to join and use:

  • http://answers.yahoo.com
  • http://www.answers.com
  • http://www.quora.com (WARNING)
  • http://www.answerbag.com
  • http://wiki.answers.com/