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Expert Outsourcing Help

Although most online outsourcing services are relatively easy to use, they can be intimidating to the new user. So intimidating in fact, some people might be inclined to either give up on the idea of outsourcing altogether or consult an outsourcing expert. Consulting an outsourcing expert removes the fear of things like not knowing who to hire, how much to budget, or what to do when problems arise.

The typical service provider usually specializes in a specific skill, and like artists, musicians, and even programmers, they're horrible salespersons -- meaning they can't adequately convince you that they're the right candidates for a job the way an outsourcing expert can.

Outsourcing experts essentially streamline what can be an overwhelming job into small bits of outsourcing tasks. They also help locate quality, competent service providers on your behalf. Just that one step alone can save a tremendous amount of time and stress since the vetting process is often the most difficult part of outsourcing. Here's what you need to know.

Outsourcing Expert Tasks

Outsourcing experts, consultants, or advisors (they're all the same thing) can work with your intention to outsource and bring it to a successfully completed project. All of the steps between those two phases are almost completely handled through this 3rd party resource, including drafting RFPs (requests for proposals), vetting, contractor selection, contract negotiation, monitoring milestones, and more.

Finding Outsourcing Experts

As expected, there are tons of outsourcing experts on the Internet, but because of increasing demand, online outsourcing services may offer this type of help from within their own sites. RentACoder (vWorker) offered such help through its 'sherpa' program. Through that program, outsourcers found onsite service providers who worked as consultants or 'sherpas.'

Outsourcing Expert Tips

You'll have the most success with your chosen advisor (regardless of where you found him or her) by following these tips.

1. Know what you want already and be able to communicate it well.
2. Look for advisors who've handled projects similar to yours.
3. Do your part to ensure deadlines are reached.
4. Give your advisor everything s/he needs to be successful.
5. Don't be argumentative and follow the given advice.

For more tips on working with a consultant, you can review the massive amount of information about the subject online, but don't spend too much time researching. Remember - the goal of using a consultant in the first place is to save time and frustration.