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Outsource to Stay Competitive

In his '1001 Ways to Market Your Books' manual, John Kremmer recommends that a portion of an author's daily routine should be dedicated to promotion. You certainly don't have to be an author to realize the importance of his statement. Neglecting to promote your business on any level is essentially planning to fail. The question is, how much of the day should we spend on promotion when there are so many other facets of business that need tending to?

In a recent unofficial poll, 12.5% of 40 online entrepreneurs stated they spent half an hour of each day promoting their business while another 12.5% spent one hour (5% spent less than that). 17.5% spent two hours, 20% spent three hours and 22.5% spent four hours. 14% spent all day promoting their business.

No participant contributed a correlation between the number of hours worked and a high degree of success, however, the general consensus suggested that beginning efforts consumed the most time until resources were gathered and patterns were established. After that, three to four hours a day seemed to be not only the average amount of time spent on promotion, it was an adequate amount of time as well.

Only one person claimed she spent zero (0) hours towards promotion because the activities that she did (activities like article writing for example) "promoted the business for her." While writing articles may appear like a non-promotional activity, it's part of article marketing (content marketing), which is a definite type of promotion.

Accomplish Twice as Much in Half the Time

How many hours do you spend each day promoting your business? Is three to four hours too much? Not enough? What if you could accomplish twice as much in half the time or even in a third of the time? How about at half or a third of the cost?

Outsourcing your promotional tasks can not only reduce some of the costs and time that adequate promotion requires, it can also remove some of the burden that promotion can generate. As an entrepreneur, you're acting as a marketer in addition to your own manager, accountant, lawyer, representative, research analyst, and more. Outsourcing minimizes the number of roles you have to play and thus turns what could be a half-day event into a mere hour and a half task.