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When Silence Screams in Online Business

Have you ever been really (really) excited to hear someone give a speech? Perhaps someone in the political field? Someone that you actively supported because their platform seemed to resonate with your own values? You arrive early to get one of the best seats. The speaker arranges his speech notes. And then disappointingly, all you hear is a blatant skirting of the issues and a redirection of campaign promises.

What the heck?!

In a jaw-dropped response, you hear yourself saying, "My God, not you too"! After all, you spent a tremendous amount of time empowering some schmuck's election who apparently feels no shame in promising the moon. And it becomes all too clear mid-way through his speech, his objectives were never more than to carry his name into office.

Listen For What Isn't Said

You don't have to be in the political arena to experience the same. Issue skirting, empty promises, and promising the moon can be an unfortunate part of business too -- even in online outsourcing. That's why we caution you to actively listen for what CEOs don't say about issues that are not only important to you, but also important to the industry itself.

When there's a growing demand for tighter website security, for example, and a service's CEO remains mum, that's cause for concern. When there's a growing demand for secured payment protection and anti-fraud measures and, again, a service's CEO ignores it, that too is cause for concern.

Money-back guarantees, a fair arbitration and an honest feedback system... These are some of the things that should be important to you as an online outsourcer. So you have to wonder why it is that when these things aren't made available (let alone, addressed), whose interest is really being served?

Recognize and Then Act

A failure to appreciate silence for what it really means can facilitate lackadaisical service. But you not only have to recognize it, you've got to act on it. That means thoroughly researching what a service brings to the table before signing on.

It means checking forums, complaint sites, BBB records, and personal recommendations before setting up virtual camp. And it means using an outsourcing service that addresses the issues important to you and the industry as a whole.